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CST/ Berger 56-DGT10 5" Digital Theodolite
Angle Measurements This CST/Berger theodolite transit can take either clockwise or counterclockwise..
Rp. 0
CST/ Berger 56-DGT2 2" Digital Theodolite
Angle Measurement Modes This CST/Berger theodolite features an optional horizontal angle indicator,..
Rp. 0
Diagonal Eyepice
Diagonal Eyepice Diagonal Eyepiece digunakan untuk digunakan di daerah di mana bangunan besar ata..
Rp. 0
HI TARGET DT02 Digital Theodolite
Hi-target DT-02 System Features:  • Laser and Collimation Axis - Coaxial • Visible Laser Poin..
Rp. 0
HI TARGET DT02L Digital Theodolite With Laser Pointer
Hi-target DT-02 System Features:  • Laser and Collimation Axis - Coaxial • Visible Laser Poin..
Rp. 0
MINDZ CDT02 Digital Theodolite
MINDZ CDT 05 Spesifikasi Alat : Ketelitian 5” Display : LCD, 2 display Teleskop : Perbesaran : ..
Rp. 0
NIKON NE100 10" Digital Theodolite
DIGITAL THEODOLITE NIKON NE-100 Features: Measures vertical and horizontal angles 10-second a..
Rp. 0
NIKON NE101 7" Digital Theodolite
DIGITAL THEODOLITE NIKON NE-101 Features: Measures vertical and horizontal angles 7-second ac..
Rp. 0
NIKON NE102 5" Digital Theodolite
DIGITAL THODOLITE NIKON NE-102 Features: Measure vertical and horizontal angles 5-second accu..
Rp. 0
NIKON NE103 5" Digital Theodolite
DIGITAL THEODOLITE NIKON NE-103 All-Weather Reliability Even if you work in dust and water, the N..
Rp. 0
RUIDE ET-02 Digital Theodolite
Telescope Image Erect image Magnification 30x Effective aperture 45mm Resolving Power 3” Field of vi..
Rp. 0
RUIDE ET-02 LASER Digital Theodolite
The body style is similar to a Sokkia Digital Theodolite and is combined with easy to use operation...
Rp. 0
SOKKIA DT740 7" Digital Theodolite
Designed for construction and layout application, the Sokkia DT740 7 Second Digital Theodolite fea..
Rp. 0
SPECTRA DET2 2" Digital Theodolite
The Spectra Precision DET-2 Digital Electronic Theodolite makes measuring vertical and horizontal an..
Rp. 0
TOPCON DT205 5" Digital Theodolite
The Topcon DT-205 Digital Theodolite features a simple interface, dual backlit displays and a tilt s..
Rp. 0
TOPCON DT205L 5" Digital Theodolite With Laser
The Topcon DT-205L Digital Theodolite with Laser Pointer integrates the same high-quality advanced a..
Rp. 0
TOPCON DT207 7" Digital Theodolite
With 7-second accuracy, the Topcon DT-207 Digital Theodolite has an integrated advanced absolute e..
Rp. 0
TOPCON DT209 9" Digital Theodolite
Topcon DT-209 Laser Waterproof Digital Theodolites The Topcon DT-200 Series integrates the same high..
Rp. 0
TRIPOD Allumunium
Tripod material — Aluminium Tripod head — Flat Base thread size — 5/8" x 11 Clamp style — Q..
Rp. 1,100,000
TRIPOD Allumunium Sokkia PFA-1
Alumunium Tripod SOKKIA PFA-1 untuk Auto Level/Waterpass, Theodolite dan Total Station SOKKIA Baha..
Rp. 1,550,000
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