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AZ Instrument 8901 Portable Anemometer
Features: • Remote Fan With Built-In Temperature Sensor      • Measures Air Velocit..
Rp. 0
AZ Instrument 8911 Portable Anemometer
Specifications: Temperature :     -20~60oC(-4~140oF) Accuracy :     <<0...
Rp. 0
AZ Instrument 8917 Vane TEMP.&RH% Anemometer
Features : *  Measures air velocity, volume, temperature, humidity,  dew point &wet b..
Rp. 0
AZ Instrument 9671 Anemometer Data Logger
Features: Measuring / Recording Air Velocity/Volume /Humidity/Temperature/Wet Bulb Temp. 3 Measure..
Rp. 0
AZ Instrument 9871 Anemometer with Printer
Features: The 1st & Unique Air Velocity/Air Volume/R.H. Temperature/Dew Point/We Bulb Datalogg..
Rp. 0
CEM DT8894 Thermo Anemometer with Infrared Thermometer
The CEM DT-8894 Thermo Anemometer with built in IR Thermometer measures remote surface temperature t..
Rp. 0
KANOMAX 6006 Anemomaster Lite
Features: Broad measurement range Detachable probe for zero downtime calibration or replacement T..
Rp. 12,500,000
KANOMAX 6035 Portable Anemomaster
Specifications: Temperature Range: -4 to 158°F (-20 to 70°C) Temperature Resolution: 1°F (0.1°C) ..
Rp. 0
KANOMAX 6812 Vane Rotating Anemometer
Features: High Accuracy: +/- 1.0 % of reading 40 fpm of Air Velocity sensitivity Store up to 10 d..
Rp. 0
KANOMAX 6815 Vane Rotating Anemometer
Features: High Accuracy: +/- 1.0 % of reading 40 fpm of Air Velocity sensitivity Store up to 10 d..
Rp. 0
KESTREL 1000 Anemometer
The Kestrel Meter 1000 Wind Meter measures/features Current Wind Speed Average Wind Speed M..
Rp. 0
KESTREL 2000 Anemometer
KESTREL 2000 ANEMOMETER Current Wind Speed Maximum Wind Gust Average Wind Speed Air, Wat..
Rp. 0
KESTREL 2500 Weather Meter
The Kestrel 2500 Pocket Weather Meter measures wind and temperature with total accuracy, and has the..
Rp. 0
LUTRON ABH4224 Portable Cup Anemometer
Features: Cup Anemometer, Barometer, Humidity, Temperature meter, 4 in one, professional. Anemomet..
Rp. 0
LUTRON ANEMOMETER AM4217SD Overview: Anemometer, air velocity meter, temperature and type K/J ..
Rp. 0
LUTRON AM4200 Portable Anemometer
Features: • Multi function air flow measurement: m/ s, ft/ min, km/ h, knots • Separate probe, mak..
Rp. 0
LUTRON AM4202 Portable Anemometer
FEATURES * The portable anemometer provides fast accurate readings with digital readability and the..
Rp. 0
LUTRON AM4204 Portable Hotwire Anemometer
Hot wire Anemometer * 0.2 - 20.0 m/s, high precision for low air velocity measurement,Telescope pro..
Rp. 0
LUTRON AM4205A Anemometer and Humidity
FEATURES * Anemometer & Humidity meter are combined into one * The portable anemometer provides..
Rp. 0
LUTRON AM4206 Portable Digital Anemometer
FEATURES * Air flow : CMM ( m^ 3/ min.) and CFM ( ft^ 3/ min.)  * Air velocity :  m/ s, ..
Rp. 0
LUTRON AM4213 Vane Air Flow Anemometer
FEATURES * 13 mm dia heavy duty mini vane with telescope probe Power off Auto shut off saves batter..
Rp. 0
LUTRON AM4216 Vane Air Flow Anemometer
FEATURES * 13 mm dia heavy duty mini vane with telescope probe available for high temp. air velocit..
Rp. 0
LUTRON AM4257-SD Portable Cup Anemometer
FEATURES: * Cup anemometer, available for the outside air speed Temperature Automatic temp. compens..
Rp. 0
LUTRON LM8000 4 In 1 Portable Environment Meters
Specifications: Functional Specifications Air Velocity Range / Resolution: 0.2 to 30.0 m/s/0.1 m/s..
Rp. 0
LUTRON LM81AM Portable Anemometer
Features: Display LCD display, 8 mm digit size Measurement m/ s, ft/ min, km/ h, MPH, knots Power..
Rp. 0
LUTRON SP-9202 Humidity/Temp, Barometer, Altitude, UV
Overview The Lutron SP-9202 is one of the latest releases from Lutron and represents the top func..
Rp. 0
Lutron YK-80AM Anemometer
ANEMOMETER, metal vane  Model : YK-80AM  * Range : 0.5 to 35 m/s.  * Metal vane pr..
Rp. 0
LUTRON YK2005AH Hot Wire Anemometer
Features: * Combination of hot wire and standard thermistor, Data Output RS 232 PC serial interface..
Rp. 0
LUTRON YK2005AM Realtime Anemometer Datalogger
FEATURES * Air velocity : m/ S, Ft/ min, Km/ h, Knots, Mile/ h, Sampling Time Approx. 1 second. * ..
Rp. 0
MICROPROCESSOR AM4836C Air Flow Anemometer
Features: Air Velocity: M/ s, km/ h, ft/ min, knots Air Flow: CMM, CFM Beaufort Scale: Force Wav..
Rp. 0
SMART SENSOR AR856 Portable Anemometer
Specification:     Wind Speed Measuring Range    0.3~45m/s Accuracy ..
Rp. 0
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