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BRUNTON 5006 Kompas Geology
Spesifikasi : AlNiCo 5 magnet needle promotes needle dither and increased accuracy . Azimuth..
Rp. 0
Brunton 5008 Kompas Geology
Rp. 5,200,000
BRUNTON 5010 Kompas Geology
Kompas Brunton 5010 dari Brunton adalah kompas yang dibuat sebagai perangkat navigasi..
Rp. 0
BRUNTON Nomad G3 Pro Digital Compass
Brunton Nomad G3 Pro is the evolved version of its proven predecessors. The ultimate in weather pred..
Rp. 0
BRUNTON Nomad V2 Digital Altimeter
Features:  • Dual time/ date display with two daily alarms • Uses one CR2032 3V lithium batte..
Rp. 0
CGQ1 Hagameter
Items Specifications Height measure( max) : 60m Height measure( when depression) : 20( max)  ..
Rp. 0
Compass Ushikata
Compass Ushikata ..
Rp. 0
CST Hand Leveling
Product or service Account: The CST/berger Locke Hand Level can be utilized as a standard levels ..
Rp. 0
DQL-8 Kompas Geology
Precision of long air level: 15 (+/-3)/2mm  Precision of circle air level: 30(+/-5)/2mm  ..
Rp. 0
FREIBERG Compass Geologies Engineering
"Freiberg Geologist's and Mirror Compasses" facilitate the quick reading of 'strike and dip' and of ..
Rp. 0
HAGAMETER Analog Altimeter
Height and slope measurements are made simple with these six scales:  1 chain = 66' 66 ft. -27..
Rp. 0
HITRAX HIKE Altimeter / Compass
"HITRAX HIKE" Altimeter/Compass Easy menu driven user guidance, altimeter (-700 to 9000m / -2296 ..
Rp. 0
KENKO Geology Kompas
- Rugged metal case - Floating luminous dial - Adjustable luminous marching line - Thumb ..
Rp. 0
KVH AZIMUTH 1000 Digital Kompas
The Award-Winning Digital Compass for Powerboats The Azimuth 1000 combines a digital fluxgate compas..
Rp. 0
SILVA ADC Summit Digital Altimeter Barometer
Features: Waterproof housing Graphic LCD for info/graphs Click on attachment LCD Illumination C..
Rp. 0
SOLA 50 CM Clinometer
Clinometer SOLA 50 cm The SOLA Clinometer is easily magnetically attached to a drilling rig or an..
Rp. 0
SOLA Clinometer 13 CM
Sola Clinometer 13 cm: Para Clinometer SOLA mudah magnetis menempel pada rig pengeboran atau mesi..
Rp. 0
SOLA Clinometer 50cm
Rotatable circular 12cm acrylic disc on a 13x13cm gold anodised backing plate. Mounted on a 50cm ..
Rp. 0
SUUNTO Clinometer PM-5/360
Suunto PM-5 menyediakan untuk anda banyak pemilihan tentang meter ketinggian, klinometer dengan komb..
Rp. 1,750,000
Suunto Kompas KB 14
KB 14 360 also available in versions KB 14 360 B battery KB 14 360 R reverse scale KB 14 360 RB reve..
Rp. 1,550,000
SUUNTO Kompas KB-20/360
Product Description Suunto KB-20 is a flat, compact handheld compass that is used primarily for m..
Rp. 1,050,000
Suunto Tandem
The Suunto Tandem comes in two versions One version comes with optical adjustment for reading and th..
Rp. 2,850,000
TAJIMA Slant 100m
Product Description Quickly measure, verify or replicate surface angle or rise. Simple, one-hand ..
Rp. 0
Technidea ZIPLEVEL PRO 2000 Precision Altimeter
Technidea ZIPLEVEL PRO 2000 Precision Altimeter Unlike conventional instruments ZIPLEVEL sets up in ..
Rp. 28,000,000
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