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LUTRON NI214 Negative Ion Water Tester
FEATURES * For health reason, negative ( alkaline ) water generator is used in the home and office ..
Rp. 0
LUTRON ORP203 Digital Portable ORP Meter
SPECIFICATIONS: Applications Use for oxidation/ reduction measurement in plating baths, waste wate..
Rp. 0
LUTRON PH-207HA pH Meter
Features: ·         0 to 14 pH x 0.01 pH. ·  ..
Rp. 0
LUTRON PH-220 Pen pH Meter
Features: ·         Separate pH electrode, easy for gener..
Rp. 0
LUTRON PH201 Portable PH Meter
Features: * Economical cost digital PH meter * General purpose applications. * Easy operation..
Rp. 0
LUTRON PH207 Portable PH Meter
FEATURES * Multi-measurement :  pH, mV, Temperature. * Dual display, show the pH & Temp. ..
Rp. 0
LUTRON PH208 Portable Digital PH Meter
FEATURES * Professional PH/ mV METER. PH range : 0 to 14 PH x 0.01 PH. mV range : -1999 mV to 1999 ..
Rp. 0
LUTRON PH212 Portable PH Meter
Soil pH Meter Lutron PH-212 Product Description Soil pH Meter with Hard Carry Case - Lutron PH-2..
Rp. 0
LUTRON PH222 Portable PH Meter
FEATURES * 0 to 14.00 pH. * ATC ( auto temperature compensation ) . * Temperature measurement, &n..
Rp. 0
LUTRON PSA311 Digital Pen Salt Tester
FEATURES * The pen type, all in one Salt meter provides fast, accurate readings,  with digital..
Rp. 0
LUTRON WA2015 Portable PH, ORP, DO, Cond, TDS Meter
LUTRON CONDUCTIVITY METER WA-2015 Bench type, RS23/ USB, Data logger pH/ ORP, DO, CD/ TDS METER ..
Rp. 0
LUTRON WA2017SD Portable PH, ORP, Cond, DO, TDS, Salinity Meter
Features: •  Real time data recorder, save the data into the SD memory card and can be downl..
Rp. 0
LUTRON YK2001PH Portable Intelligent PH Meter
Features: * Record maximum and minimum readings. pH & mV measuring function.  * Data Hold..
Rp. 0
LUTRON YK2005WA Portable PH, ORP, Cond, TDS Meter
FEATURES * One meter for multi purpose operation : PH/ORP, DO, CD/TDS METER * pH : 0 to 14.00 pH, ..
Rp. 0
PCE PH-22 pH Meter
The water resistant PCE-PH 22 pH-Meter quickly detects the pH value and temperature..
Rp. 0
Soiltech 4 in 1 Digital Soil Tester
Alat Ukur Kadar pH dan Kelembaban Tanah AMT-300 Alat pengukur kadar tanah ini diusung dengan 4 fu..
Rp. 0
TAKEMURA DM-13 Ph and Soil Moisture Meter
Soil tester Takemura DM-13 Soil PH Meter Alat Uji Ph Tanah Kategori: Pengukuran Pertanian P..
Rp. 0
Takemura DM-15 Ph and Soil Moisture Meter
Soil tester Takemura DM-15 Ph and Soil Moisture Meter Alat Uji pH Tanah dan Pengukuran Kelembaban ..
Rp. 0
Takemura DM-5 Ph and Soil Moisture Meter
Spesifikasi : Soil Moisturer Meter TAKEMURA DM-5 SOIL PH & MOISTURE TESTER DM-5 / DM-15 : ..
Rp. 0
YSI 60 Portable pH & Temp Meter
Features: Displays pH and temperature simultaneously Automatic temperature compensation Backlit..
Rp. 0
YSI pH100A Portable Digital pH Meter
Features: Versatile probe options, pH, mV, peircing, and flat glass Automatic or manual temperat..
Rp. 11,500,000
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