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HAWKEYE H22FX Sonargun

HAWKEYE H22FX  Sonargun
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Automatic Range & Sensitivity Delivers Uninterrupted Depth Readings From 2.5 to 200 Feet (.8 to 61 m) in 1/10th Precision (**)
Air and Water Temperature Readings to the Nearest 1/10th Degree Fahrenheit or Celsius
Fish Indicator Displays Fish in the Sonar Beam
Adaptive Software Programming Minimizes False Readings
EasyTouch™ User Interface Gives One-Touch Access to Depth and Temperature Readings
Shoot-Thru Technology Allows Readings Through Ice or Boat Hulls (**)
Displays Depth and Temperature Readings in English or Metric (Ft/F, M/C)
Waterproof Battery Compartment for 4 x ‘AA’ Batteries (not included)
Glare-Free Display with SoftGlow™ Backlight for Easy Viewing Under Any Ambient Light Condition
Integrated High Intensity LED Flashlight with 4 Interchangeable Lens Colors
Emergency SOS Signaling Mode
Includes User Friendly Color Coded Operation Manual and Free Access to a 24 Hour Online Technical Support Center

Depth, Air & Water Temperature, Fish and LED Flashlight

Featuring all the advanced sonar capabilities of the H22PX Hand Held Depth Finder, the H22FX takes portability to a whole new level.

Integrated LED Flashlight & Underwater Fish Attracting Light- We’ve incorporated high performance, low power consumption LED. Not only does it have significantly higher output intensity, but when compared to incandescent flashlights of similar battery count and similar lumen output, the you can expect much improved battery longevity from this “next generation” bulb. Couple that with 4 Interchangeable Colored Lenses, and you’ve got the ultimate boater tool.

  WHITE: The best all around light color. It’s high intensity makes it great for general use or as a fish attractor.
  GREEN: For attracting fish in fresh, brackish or murky water.
  BLUE: For attracting fish in deep blue ocean water or in slightly murky water.
  RED: Use to help preserve night vision when map reading or for general lighting at night.

Side-Scan Fish Detecting Sonar – There is no guessing where the drop-offs are or where the fish are hiding when you use the H22FX. One press of the button allows you to scan an area for drop-offs, ledges, or hiding fish within 199 Feet (61 Meters). Scan under weeds, lily pads, or even docks for trophy lunkers before making a cast; the presence of fish is clearly indicated on the LCD.

  • Shorelines & Docks: Aim the sonar from any shoreline: river banks, creek banks, pond banks, lake banks, etc.
  • Dock, Jetty, Pier: Use the Manual Mode to suspend the depth finder from docks, jetties and piers.
  • Float Tube, Kayak, Canoe: Use the Automatic or Manual Modes from float tubes, kayaks or canoes. Or set inside the hull and shoot through the hull for depth and fish readings.
  • Boat, Raft, Tender, Dingy: Use the Automatic or Manual Modes from boats, rafts, tenders and dingies. Or set inside the hull and shoot through the hull for depth and fish readings.
  • PWC: A perfect primary depth finder for your PWC.
  • Ice Fishing: Shoot through the ice before drilling your hole to check the depth or see if there are fish. Suspend in the hole while fishing to keep on eye out for passing fish.
  • Night Fishing: Attract fist at night using the underwater light feature.

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