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BRUNTON Nomad G3 Pro Digital Compass

BRUNTON Nomad G3 Pro Digital Compass
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Brunton Nomad G3 Pro is the evolved version of its proven predecessors. The ultimate in weather prediction and digital navigation, the Nomad G3 Pro delivers temperature, altitude, and barometric pressure, plus compass bearing, daily alarms and exercise pacers. Make the most of every day on the trails and know exactly what you’re up against with Nomad.

Backlit digital display
Declination adjustable
Forward bearing compass reads degrees and cardinal directions
Altimeter with 1 ft/meter resolution
Barometric pressure inHg or mB
1 degree resolution
Temperature display in Celsius or Fahrenheit
Time and date display
Daily alarms
1 CR2032 battery included
Wrist/neck lanyard

1 meter (3 foot) resolution
working range from -700 meters (-2296') to 9000 meters (29,520')
Graphical representation of recent changes in altitude.
Unit of measurement selectable between meters and feet.
Up to 20 altitude readings can be recorded, with time and date

.01 in Hg resolution with working range from 8.85 in Hg to 32.50 in hg Units of measurement selectable to metric readings with 1 mb/hPa resolution and working range from 300 mb/hPa to 1100 mb/hPa.
Graphical representation of recent pressure changes.
24 hour barometric data recall.
Pressure can be displayed as either relative to sea level or as actual
Weather forecast
Temperature can be displayed in either Fahrenheit or Celsius.
Temperature of 0.1 degree resolution and with working range from -4°F (-20°C) to 131°F (55°C)

Digital compass provides 16 cardinal directions and bearing in degrees (one degree resolution)
Declination adjustable

2 separate time modes can be set to either 12 or 24 hour formats.
Displays year, month, day/date, hour, minute and seconds.

1/100-second resolution with working range up to 24 hours.
Up to 100 lap/split times can be stored in a maximum of 30 runs.

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