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NIKON AE7 Automatic Level

NIKON AE7 Automatic Level
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The Nikon AE-7 Automatic Level with 30x magnification is a highly accurate surveying and construction tool for taking horizontal plane measurements. Perfect for landscaping, fence building, setting foundation and more, this optical instrument features a rugged construction, powerful telescope, 1/16 inch accuracy, and an internal compensator to automatically level the line of sight.

High-Performance Telescope
For tight spots, the AE-7 offers a minimum focusing distance of up to 0.98 feet. It features an airtight telescope filled with dry nitrogen gas that prevents fogging, even in the most humid conditions. This Nikon auto level is also equipped with a unique automatic compensator that prevents magnetic interference and provides a compensation range of ±16 arc-minutes and 0.35 arc-seconds accuracy.

Optional Accessories
If you want extremely accurate leveling up to ±0.45 mm, you can add an optional plane parallel micrometer, or a diagonal eyepiece prism for steep sighting. You also have the option to use a low-power or high-power lens for increased magnification.

Easy to Setup and Use
The AE-7 auto level features an optical sight lens for precise targeting and a pentaprism mirror that enables the viewing of a circular bubble as an erect image. It also has endless fine-motion knobs on both sides for smooth precise pointing and angular measurement. In addition, this optical instrument can be mounted to flat or spherical- head tripods.

Rugged and Reliable
With an IP-57 rating, the AE-7 is protected against dust and can survive a fall into water. Compact and lightweight, it also features a friction brake for clampless horizontal alignment.

Specifications: Telescope - Magnification: 30x; Objective Lens: 1.57” (40mm); Field of View (at 100): 1°30’; Minimum Focus: 0.98’ (0.3m). Automatic Leveling, Compensator - Compensating Range: ±16’. Accuracy 1km Double Run Level - ±1.0mm. Horizontal Circle - N/A. Weight - Instrument: 3.7 lbs.; Case: 3.0 lbs.

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