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HIOKI 3293-50 AC Current Leakage Hi-Tester

HIOKI 3293-50 AC Current Leakage Hi-Tester
Product Code: HIOKI 3293-50 AC Current Leakage Hi-Tester
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* Compact, low-profile sensors - The 3291 measures conductors up to 30 mm in diameter with a low-profile sensor core that's just 8 mm thick. It can be clamped in place to measure circuit breakers and other conductors as long as there is at least 12.5 mm of space available between wires. The 3293 measures conductors up to 24 mm in diameter with a low-profile sensor core that's just 11 mm thick. The core's concentric design acts to reduce the influence of magnetic fields from nearby power lines, even when measuring leak currents.
* Flip-down display - The ability to rotate the display through 180? keeps readings visible regardless of the configuration of the wiring being measured and its location above or below the user. The display also reverses automatically for additional operability.
* True RMS - The rapid adoption of equipment such as inverters has caused many circuit current waveforms to be distorted. The 3291 and 3293 use a True RMS rectification method to ensure accurate current measurement.
* Built-in filter for rejecting the high-frequency component - The widespread use of filtered earth leakage circuit breakers (ELCBs) has increased the need to reject the high-frequency component when measuring leak currents. A filter approximating the characteristics of an ELCB enables the 3291 and 3293 to take measurements after rejecting the high-speed component.
* Safe, CE Marking compliant design - The 3291 is CAT IV 300 V (CAT II 600 V) compliant, while the 3293 is CAT III 300 V compliant. Both models can be used with 3-phase 4-wire 440 V lines.
* Wide dynamic range and application-specific measurement ranges - With 3 measurement ranges extending from 60 A to 1000 A (AC), the 3291 is designed to measure load currents in typical circuits. The 3293 features 6 measurement ranges extending from 30 mA to 1000 A (AC) that can be selected according to the measurement application, enabling it to measure everything from minute leak currents to load currents in typical circuits.

CATIII 600V Safe
Start measuring simply by opening the clamp jaw
Pocket-sized handy current meter with a stylish design
Flip display to a maximum of 180 degrees to see readings at any angle
Filter out high frequency noises for a clean signal
Slim 8mm core lets you into measure crowded wiring conditions with ease

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