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DigiRoller Plus II Digital Measuring Wheel

DigiRoller Plus II Digital Measuring Wheel
Product Code: DigiRoller Plus II Digital Measuring Wheel
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Choice of U.S. or metric
Up to 999,999.9 foot/meter range
Indoor or outdoor use
12.5 inch diameter wheel
3 foot circumference wheel
Plastic molded wheel
Collapses to 29 inches
Extendable to 45 inches
Electronic LCD counter with backlight
Calculates/store length and width
9 memory slots
Calculates and stores linear distances, square area, and cubic volume
Measurements includes the wheel radius 
User Guide
Converts between U.S. and metric units
Four AAA long-life batteries
1 year limited warranty

Specifications: Length (extended): 45 Inches (1143mm) with wheel. Length (contracted):  29 Inches (737mm) with wheel. Wheel Size:
1 Meter (39-3/8") circumference; 12-9/16" (.319 meter) diameter. Maximum Speed: 8 mph (13 Km/h). Measuring Range: 0 to 999,999.9 Feet/Yard/Meters. Weight: 3 lbs. (1.36 kg).Wheel Accuracy: 99.9%. Wheel Composition: High-impact plastic; TPE rubber tire. Power:
Four AAA Duracell batteries. Display Type: 7digit LCD with full annunciators (up to 999,999.9). Accuracy: 10 Digit Internal Math accuracy; 99.5% measuring accuracy. Operating Temperature: 14°F to 140° F (-10° C to 60° C).

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