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STEREO AIDS SA300 Geoscope Mirror Stereoscope

STEREO AIDS SA300 Geoscope Mirror Stereoscope
Product Code: STEREO AIDS SA300 Geoscope Mirror Stereoscope
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Durable ABS plastic construction
Chrome surface mirrors
Crown glass lenses
1.2X magnification eyepiece
4X magnification binocular eyepiece
Parallax wedge with five scales
Rugged ABS plastic carrying case

Similar to the Standard Geoscope, the Professional Geoscope features tough, durable ABS plastic construction with high quality chrome surface mirrors and crown glass lenses to ensure crystal clear images. In addition to the 1.2X magnification eyepiece the professional Geoscope also features 4X magnification binocular eyepiece.  Parallax wedge with five scales and rugged ABS plastic carrying case Included.

4X Binocular Eyepiece
1.2X Magnification Eyepiece
Parallax Wedge
Carry Case

Materials: Tough, durable ABS plastic for all parts. Mirrors: Surface coated long lasting chrome mirrors give crystal clear images. Magnification:  4X Binocular Eyepiece: 2.75 diopter X 8mm. Field of view 12.5 degrees.; 1.2X Eyepiece: Plano convex lenses. Crown Glass lenses. Size In use: 210mm high, 170mm wide and 590mm long.  Size in Storage: 350mm long, 170mm wide and 60mm high. Coverage: Covers the entire 60% overlap of aerial photos. Storage: Comes with an ABS plastic container.  Parallax wedge: Has 5 scales around edges and allows measurement of irregular shapes and height. Weight: 1.6kg (3.3lb).

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